Home cleaning services

Home cleaning services

HCCL is a leading supplier of domestic house cleaning services in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. All you have to do is to book your domestic cleaning service with us and just sit back and enjoy your free time. HCCl provide services to a wide variety of residential properties ranging from large family homes to small, multiple story flats. Our domestic cleaning services are carried out by well-trained, experienced and highly motivated cleaners that you can trust for any kind of cleaning service that your home needs.

In home cleaning we follow a task list of cleaning activities to ensure every part of your home is cleaned & dusted such as bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, halfways, staircases, etc. You can discuss the frequency of your cleaning visits, the length of each visit, the specific task list for your cleaner and all other details to enable us to tailor our services and find the best possible option for you.

We can also perform Antiviral Sanitisation to eliminate 99% of the germs and viruses in your home upon your request! We can also clean windows from the inside up to a reachable height, fold/organise clothes in wardrobes, water plants, do laundry, hang laundry and even do the ironing. you can always share If you have any special requests for your home cleaning services when you book your cleaning service with Us. Also, the cleaning checklist can be adjusted to suit your personal requirements.

Our standard domestic cleaning task list consists of the following:

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